Lamb Logs Over Rice

Lamb logs? Really? I’m sure you must be thinking, what the heck are those!?  I wanted to make lamb kafta but didn’t have all the ingredients.  I also didn’t soak my skewers.  I wanted to eat my lamb, so here we have lamb logs!


I tossed this all together, being inspired by other lamb recipes I’ve seen recently.  I think they turned out really flavorful and were delicious!!  I laid them over white jasmine rice that I made with turmeric root infused water.  Turmeric is a bright yellow root with powerful medicinal properties.  It’s main use is for the anti-inflammatory properties, but there are a wide variety of benefits in turmeric so I sneak it in whenever I can to make my body happy and healthy.  It didn’t turn out as yellow as I hoped so next time I’ll grate it into the rice water instead of just dropping chunks in.

I even got fancy and made a sauce!  I used plain Greek style coconut yogurt as the base.  I squeezed in the juice of one lime, added pinches and dashes of sea salt, fresh ground pepper, paprika, granulated garlic, cumin, parsley and coriander.  Gave it all a mix and, Wow!!  Fantastic! I drizzled it generously over the lamb and rice, snapped this picture then got to it!!

Here’s what I did to make my lamb logs taste divine.  You can adjust the spices to your liking.  I just guessed on the amounts and had fun!

Lamb Logs

1/2 pound of ground lamb (the best quality you can afford)

1/4 medium yellow onion, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tblsp. olive oil

Spices-granulated garlic, paprika, cumin, coriander, fresh ground pepper, sea salt, parsley, powdered turmeric, powdered ginger.

Mix all ingredients until well combine.  I made four balls of the meat mix and molded each into similar size “logs”, arranged them on parchment paper and refrigerated them for several hours. I grilled them on the cast iron grill top, turning them occasionally for even grilling and used my instant read thermometer to let me know when they were done.  160 degree internal temperature is recommended for medium done, which is what I like.

Give this recipe a try or play around like I did.  If you enjoy lamb, this is worth it!