Small Kitchen Meal Prep

Finding space to make a week’s worth of meals in a kitchen that is more like a closet can prove to be challenging. Not only do I lack storage space, there is a lack of work space as well. This is my biggest barrier and what usually stops me from creating in the kitchen as I’ve done in the past.

I decided in this new year I would break down that barrier and find a way to work better with the space I have. When I move to nomad living my kitchen space will be even smaller than what I’ve got now. It’s time to take on this challenge and make it work for me so that when I go even smaller I’ll know better how to make a successful transition. The first hurdle to overcome was my attitude toward my small kitchen space. I’ve spent too much time being irritated by it instead of finding workable solutions for myself, though I will say the layout of my kitchen supplies is quite efficient.

I certainly utilize my kitchen and cook food for myself daily, but I don’t get into a day of preparing make-ahead meals like I used to do when I had more of a kitchen room. Playing in the kitchen and making healthful food is where I find my happy place. I really need to be in my happy place more often. It just feels good. With some motivating self talk, a little planning and a fresh attitude adjustment, I went at a menu for the week recently and the results were quite delicious. I considered the time and tools that would go into each recipe, being mindful of using minimal supplies. Check out what I enjoyed below in the slideshow. I ate well and felt great!

I made blueberry almond flour scones, ground turkey patties and crock pot coconut chicken curry with veggies. The scones and turkey patties each paired well with nutritious green smoothies and the coconut chicken curry made lunches a breeze and dinner super easy after my long work days. I added rice or green salad as a side to make my meals well-rounded.

I’ll be repeating this menu via a YouTube video in the near future so you can have access to the recipes.

Speaking of YouTube videos–my second video will be ready soon. I’d anticipated a shorter time frame between my first and second video, but alas! Life… sometimes has other plans. Thanks for sticking around friends. I’ll be back soon!

Until then, happy cooking and stay positive!


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