A little bit of comfort is all right with me

I sometimes wonder when seeking comfort food became a “bad” thing. I suppose there is a correlation with our size obsessed culture and our overindulgence of all kinds of food, which can be a bad thing. However, we all have emotional attachments to food and comfort is found in those fond childhood food memories.

As a child food took center stage in my house. I find comfort simply being in a kitchen, which naturally progresses to food. I choose to see comfort food as a source of healing and it makes me feel good. Doesn’t it seem natural to gravitate toward what feels good?

Food can be disastrous to one’s health or it can have miraculous healing effects. I make a conscious choice to try and always use food in a healing way with a healthy dose of indulgence minus the guilt. Food is good and I find soulful healing in comfort food.

My dietary restrictions do not interfere with my ability to produce some succulent dishes that generate memories of childhood comforts and placates that deep down need for a few moments of contentment. While what I throw together current day may not even resemble anything I ever ate as a child, it still can satisfy my taste buds with it’s goodness and make me smile.

Having pizza was not something I ate much of as a child, but it was a mainstay for my kids in their coming up years. Being an overworked single parent made pizza an all in one easy meal to stop by and pick up on my way home. These days I make my own pizza and it’s every bit as indulgent in a much healthier way than those take and bakes of the past!

I admit I buy ready made crusts because I just don’t like making any kind of dough, but I must give credit to the gluten free/dairy free product choices I see in my favorite groceries stores that will allow me to create a pretty darn good pizza.

Here I have a pesto based pizza topped with red onions, black olive tapenade, marinated artichokes, kale, some ground turkey, a few choice spices, and topped with Daiya brand cheese. It was fantastic!

So much thought goes into dinner preparations I want to remind you; Don’t forget breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day. Why not make it delicious and comforting as a great way to start your day?

This is cooked quinoa with cinnamon and nutmeg spiced coconut milk poured over it, along with a few raisins and a sprinkle of dried, unsweetened coconut shreds.

I say, go ahead and enjoy. We all need food and getting comforted by food brings a sense of satisfaction to more than just your belly. Eat with happy thoughts. Be thoughtful as you eat and let yourself be in that fond moment of present and past.  I see nothing “bad” about that.  You’ll feel so much better in your body, mind and spirit!