Bio: Hello! My name is Cathy. I am a native Oregonian and Portlander! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Food Radical developed out of a desire to share my knowledge of how food can heal your body. I have a strong interest in learning everything I can about gluten free and dairy free eating/whole food living after learning of my own food sensitivities and allergies. In part, this blog is to share my experiences toward healthier living through food. I love all things about food. The way food looks is as important as how it tastes, especially when it is just a little bit different. Let me show you how gluten free and dairy free food can be delicious and nutritious. I always choose a whole foods approach to diet. I believe investing in organic, grass fed and non-GMO foods are the best choice for preventive medicine. This is a place for me to share recipes, wholesome, nutritious information and general life musings about my world. In my professional life I am a social worker who advocates for under-served populations with affordable, stable housing being my primary focus. I am a strong supporter of the social justice movement. I have a deep passion for basic human rights. My work can be emotionally draining. My desire for change can exhaust me. Cooking is my therapy. Playing with food calms my overactive mind and brings me back to focus. The end result is some fantastic meals and serenity of the mind. Sitting down to a beautiful, delicious meal gives me abundant gratitude. I hope you find enjoyment and a bit of knowledge in my blog. I do believe each of us can make a difference. This is how I do it. I hope my blog can help make a difference for you. Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi cathy i am here for the feedback you asked for πŸ˜‰ I am visiting from my iphone and from here your layout looks just fine. Clean, simple readable. Little tip on the first images I see when I enter your blog. Food needs to look appetizing and quality photos is an important key to accomplish that. Look on the internet for photography tips on food photography. Your about page is very good but I miss the story about your blog. Why you have started and what has changed ever since.


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  3. Nominated your for the Writing Process Blog Tour. If you accept, you write your post on June 16th, Check out my page for the details. πŸ™‚


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