Inspired Meals

I had no intention of letting so many days pass between posts.  I have been busy these past couple of weeks and I just have not had a good chunk of time to dedicate toward writing.  Thankfully, what’s kept me busy is all sorts of wonderful.  This is a welcome change from the stressed out, anxious kind of busy I have been for too many of these past months.

It has been a slow process of feeling settled in to my space that is now home for me. Although I have known for quite a while that I can stay where I am, it has taken some time to feel secure and safe in my mind.  Getting living room furniture definitely assisted in creating a solid sense of comfort and stability.  I was recently gifted a nice chunk of money that allowed me some financial freedom to purchase a few pieces.  My place is finally furnished!  After living with only a bed and a table for so many months I am incredibly happy for some new furnishings.  Additionally, the furnishings, chosen very wisely for size and function, gave me space for my belongings in storage, which I happily retrieved and unpacked.  It was an incredible feeling to decorate my cute little studio with the things I love to look at and have around me.  Lounging on my new couch, feet up on my new ottoman, I gazed in delight at my space.  In this divine moment I felt my stress and anxiety diminish.  My place finally feels like home.  I am quite pleased with the sweet, cozy home I’ve established.  This entire journey still makes me have moments of awe.

In addition to getting new furniture I also got a new job!!  Yes, I finally made my way back in to my degree field of social work.  I ended my second week in my new position with a double thumbs up from my supervisor about my work so far and an extra sweet compliment from one of the people I will be serving.  I believe this job will suit me perfectly.  It brings me back to my original passion in social work–stable, safe, affordable housing for low income households.

I had been applying for work in my field for such a long time.  I applied for this job while I was still living with “M” and I had forgotten all about it.  There was an agency delay in the hiring process, which is why it took so long to hear anything.  Once the process got going, it was painfully slow and although I was feeling really positive about this position, I had to hold on to my patience and not let self doubt get in the way.  It was difficult!!  It was worth the wait.  Already feeling solid in my position with some fantastic training and strong leadership, I am really happy with my new role.  It truly seems to be everything I desired in a job and organization, including the best salary I have ever received!  Of course, I get to enjoy some great benefits, opportunities for professional growth, which will enhance my personal growth, a passionate, cohesive team of people to work with and an awesome supervisor.  I think life is pretty grand right now.  Isn’t it amazing…..barely six months ago I thought I would be homeless; nearly made so by my ex-partner, who is a social worker! Now, I am a social worker making sure people do not become homeless. Ironic, I must say.

I am always inspired by a fellow blogger who posts weekly menus.  You can check out her blog here: {} I decided I would attempt my own menu to ease my way back in to full time work feeling prepared with nutritious meals.  My plan ahead meals were prepared with ease now that my kitchen island is in place.  I fully intend on making this my most used piece of furniture!

Life is moving along and I am happy to be where I am right now.  I feel content and positive again.  I see hope in my future and I see my path developing toward some long time dreams and desires.  Funny how I thought age 50 would bring me to the next best things in life.  I’m verging on 52 and I am standing at the edge of some incredible, wonderful life changes; venturing toward it with joy.  I guess I was right.  My 50’s will bring me to the next best things in life.  It certainly is not what I had anticipated, but I welcome it with open arms.

Here’s a sampling of some of my delicious choices recently:


My new kitchen island is a blessing!! This is my best piece of furniture!!


baked chicken drumsticks spiced with curry, tumeric, paprika & garlic. I tossed one on a bed of greens and veggies for a fantastic lunch several days in a row!


Frittata is a great way to start my day! Turkey bacon, onions, carrots, spinach and lots of spices made this dish tasty!!


rice and veggies was my dinner side dish next to chicken drumsticks!


a mix of black beans, sliced yams and spinach became filling for some delicious tortilla wraps!


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