Spiced Apple Carrot Muffin

As I was cleaning up my bookmarks on my laptop recently I came across this recipe that sounded like it would taste good, be healthful and provide the convenience I enjoy with muffins.  I was trying to use the items I currently had in my little refrigerator so I could make room for my next shopping trip.  I am learning to be a much more efficient shopper!!

Instead of dealing with the hassle it would be to make these in my tiny kitchen and be irritated by the lack of proper tools to prepare this them, I decided to pack up all the ingredients and take them with me on a recent visit to see my dad. His house has a spacious kitchen with lovely counterspace.  It is still filled with all my moms baking gadgets and supplies.  My mom kept a well stocked bakers kitchen so I had everything I needed to make my muffins.

I followed a recipe from ‘Eat to Beat’ cancer website.  They promote dietary behavior changes to destroy the cancer epidemic.  It is really a fabulous website that is filled with valuable information.  I highly recommend you check it out.  I discovered this site when my mom was sick and I have made several of the recipes they provide.  I am always happy with the results.

These muffins tasted fantastic, but the texture didn’t turn out as I had wanted.  They seemed too spongy and they didn’t really rise. However, I will say this was very likely chef’s error as I forgot to add salt and I did get a little carried away with my moms hand held beaters.  I may have whisked the egg mixture a bit too long!!  I got lost in memories of when I was small and watching my mom use this same tool as she baked.  I had a good time using the tools of my childhood, spreading out in a spacious kitchen and just doing my thing.

Even though my dad scoffed at my muffins for their gluten free nature, he certainly asked several times when the muffins would be done!  Once done and samples enjoyed, he also made sure I was going to leave a few on a plate for him.  Dad approved; they turned out pretty well, albeit a little flat.  Give them a try, but I suggest being a bit more gentle with the whisking!  Enjoy!

Here is the link to the recipe— http://www.eattobeat.org/onemeal/636/spiced-apple-carrot-muffin.html


I added two each of apples and carrots because mine were small!!

IMG_3241 IMG_3239 IMG_3230


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