Eliminating Anger Over Daily Frustrations

I am Reblogging this even though it has nothing to do with food, other than “food for thought”. I have a funny story to tell that is quite a fitting introduction to this special post. This is my third attempt at reblogging this post and just before typing these words I had a “temper tantrum” because I lost what I was typing–TWICE! as I was attempting to reblog. I don’t know how I lost it, where it went, or exactly what happened. Then immediately laughed as I recognized my own “irrational anger”. So, “third time is a charm”! I want to share this with my readers because this author’s words could easily be my own. I hold the same personal beliefs about anger and I love her definition of “irrationally angry”. I feel this is important to share because I just think there is too much anger in the world right now and wouldn’t it be nice if these words touched someone so profoundly that they reflect upon and change their views on what causes them to be angry. My previous two attempts had more thoughts, but I’ve exhausted my brain at this point and cannot find the appropriate words to re-create so I’ll just let this post speak for itself because really, no other words are needed. Enjoy.

small things good

In the course of a day I see a lot of angry people, and I don’t even work in an office anymore! But, when I did, wow- it was like getting irrationally angry had become an olympic event and no one told me (if it has, I have some fantastic nominations for team USA).

Let me define what I mean by “irrationally angry” in this case. My personal belief is that all anger is irrational and unwarranted, and that it stems from a place of fear within the person exhibiting it. I understand that many people disagree with this. Many people believe that anger is a natural reaction that happens to you when something bad/negative/not what you wanted occurs. I have even heard people say that anger is healthy.

I believe everyone is responsible for their own emotions and reactions, and that with enough work it is possible for a…

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