Simple In A Box

Every now and then I feel like keeping it simple and having boxed cereal for breakfast. Personally, a cold cereal breakfast generally doesn’t cut it for me.  I’m just hungry in an hour.  My body needs a good hearty nutrient filled meal to get moving so I often take time to make a hot breakfast.  However, I have found a new brand of cereal popping up on my local grocer’s shelves called Freedom Foods.  I thought I would give it a try.  Honestly, it was the sale price that lured me to purchase it.  Now, I have to say that no one is paying me to say this or give a review.  Really, I have found this fantastic cereal that is simple, healthful and hearty.  First off, it has only 9 ingredients.  That includes the less than 2% of salt and sunflower oil.  It has 5 grams of fiber per serving and it’s free from all the highest allergens.  It is low in sugar and sodium.  There are no GMO’s.  This cereal is wholesome.  I love the serious crunch factor.  The flakes are thick and requires some serious chewing. It’s got a great flavor and overall this cereal is the good stuff.  I feel like I am getting a nutritious meal, not just a bowl of cereal.  My only “complaint” is that it is made in Australia so the environmental footprint to get it here to the states is less than desirable.

It’s a dreary, rainy morning and I didn’t get the best night of sleep.  I am feeling slow and sluggish.  An unopened box of cereal and a ripe banana seemed like a perfect quick fix for my hunger.  Easy.  Simple.  Good.  Here’s how I “made” my breakfast:

Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes, topped with sliced bananas & a light drizzle of raw agave syrup.  Pour over unsweetened almond milk.  See, simple!  Ok, I know that’s not really a recipe.  Honestly, I am mostly writing this post to keep myself structured and set the pace for the rest of my day.  Lack of sleep and dreary weather, coupled with this emotional time of year for me can be a toxic combination.  I just don’t want to go down that road today.  I want to feel good, so I am starting the day with this post.  Oh, and the cereal.

Take a moment to peruse the cereal isle next time you are grocery shopping.  I highly recommend giving this brand a try. There are several variations to choose from.

A glass of lemon coconut water and a quality cup of coffee complete this breakfast!

A glass of lemon coconut water and a quality cup of coffee complete this breakfast!

3 thoughts on “Simple In A Box

  1. HI Cathy! Nice way to start the day…I’m not usually a fan of boxed cereals, have a couple I do like…this sounds good! Giving the teeth & jaws a workout while enjoying a wholesome meal! Thanks for sharing! Hope your day improves from here out!


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