Wake Up Smoothie

Well, It’s official.  I am on my summer break!  It’s also Friday and I need to get myself motivated to go out into this nasty morning weather so I can cross some things off my “to do” list.

I spent yesterday being a complete slug.  The weather was horrible and so was my mood. I’m not sure why I wasn’t skipping around and celebrating my new freedom from work. Instead I sulked and stayed in my pajamas until the afternoon.  Even with the ho hums, I managed to get some essential things complete in preparation for my upcoming road trip.  It was just really difficult to will myself out of the house.  Today is a different story.   I have places to go and people to see.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I begin my day and I could easily sit in my pj’s and melt into the recliner.  The gloomy weather is certainly not enticing me to move from my comfy spot.  I know that in this moment my day of errands seems tedious.  When I get it done I will be thankful for doing it and grateful to be a few steps closer to  getting on the road.

In addition to a little self talk to motivate my mind, I am finding it necessary to motivate my body by fueling it with a super food green smoothie.  My sluggish brain needs a boost and this naturally sweet, creamy drink has energy producing hemp seeds to set me in the right direction for the day.

Here is what I call my Wake Up Smoothie:

1 banana

3/4 cup frozen mango chunks

2 Tablespoons hemp seeds

1 cup chopped kale

6 ounces unsweetened almond milk

Blend together in bullet or blender until smooth and creamy.  Drink and wake up!

Cheers to Friday!  Double cheers to summer!!  I am waking up and it’s time to get going!


6 thoughts on “Wake Up Smoothie

  1. This is a perfect beginner’s green smoothie because you cannot taste the kale & the hemp seeds provide a nutty flavor to help mask any “green” flavor. The prominent flavor is nutty mango! Give it a try! I think you’ll be pleased!


  2. Sounds delish! And in with you – lack in structure sometime a isn’t a good thing for me. But you’re entitled to a couch potato day or two! And you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you! Congrats on wrapping up the school year!


  3. Thanks! It was so creamy and delicious! Yes, I admit that I enjoy some structure to my day. I like to have a plan! I even like to plan my couch potato days and when I don’t….well, I could get into a funk faster than I can think of a way to avoid it! I realize now that “funk” the other day was needed. I needed the mind transition from work to summer, I was feeling scared and overwhelmed with my upcoming road trip so I really did need that couch potato day. I’m still scared but now I must use my fear and anxiety to propel me forward with my plans! I’m leaving in 4 days!


  4. Can you hear my screaming all the way from the west coast?? AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! I am anxious! LOL Yeah, this is such a huge challenge for me in so many ways. I am definitely feeling the fear today! Just gotta keep remembering to breath.


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