The Garden Of Good Eating

Our garden is providing well for us this season.  This gives me immense gratification. Gardening has become incredibly therapeutic for me.  It has helped tremendously in reducing my stress and anxiety.  My rewards are tremendous not only in mind and spirit, but in body as well.  My diligence and hard work pays off in the form of healthy, organic whole food that nourishes and heals my body.

I went to check on our strawberries this morning and was delighted to discover quite a few berries ripe and reading for picking.  There are few things that give me as much pleasure as food from the garden.  Literally,  every single time I step outside to pick fresh produce I find myself getting all skippy and jumpy like a child on a playground.  More than once my sweetie giggled with me as I gleefully danced around the kitchen marveling at the miracle food right from our yard.


It was no different this morning when I discovered the strawberries.  My inspiration was instantaneous as I skipped back into the house. This was our first good pick of strawberries! My mind began swirling with ideas for these beautiful fruits.  I considered eating them for breakfast in some lovely concoction, but I just couldn’t keep these luscious, juicy berries all to myself.  It would be nice for me to share and I know my sweetie would appreciate enjoying these berries as well.  Since hospital work is everyday and never ending, my sweetie is at work today.  I decided whatever I came up with would be for later this evening.

Of course berries means dessert in my mind, however I have been trying to keep grains out of my diet.  It wouldn’t really benefit my body to make a delicious cake or crisp even though that does sound fantastic.  Besides, I wanted to taste these berries in their most natural form so I decided on a salad for dinner.  We could both share in the literal fruits of our labor, the berries are in their pure form and enhanced with even more goodness from the garden by adding green leaf lettuce and cut chives.  This salad is simple, fresh and absolutely beautiful.  Check it out!


I borrowed some ideas for this salad from one of my favorite websites  You can find the original recipe there.  I made some slight changes by using raw organic agave nectar instead of coconut nectar for the pepitas .  I planned on making the dressing, also using the agave but discovered I was out of red wine vinegar.  A trip to the store revealed a bargain I could not pass up so I abandoned my red wine vinegar and dressing idea for this:

bargain of the day!!!

bargain of the day!!!

It was only $1.20; down from $4.79.  It’s made with some yummy superfruits providing tons of antioxidents.  It has a flavor zing that will make your taste buds dance!  I sprinkled the salad with poppyseeds and drizzled the dressing over the top for a fantastic tasting dish that was a feast for the eyes and belly.  I scaled the entire recipe down to accommodate a nice size dinner salad for two people.  The best part-leftovers for my lunch tomorrow!

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