Gluten Free/Dairy Free Across America-GoFundMe

Hi there!  My name is Cathy and I am embarking on a road trip journey across middle America. This is an eight year dream coming to actualization this summer as I venture from Oregon to North Carolina seeking out and identifying the best gluten free & dairy free food finds in each state I travel through.

I am here today in celebration of the opportunity to finally make my road trip a reality.  I am fortunate that I have summer time off from my job, making it possible to fulfill this dream. The untimely death of my mom just six months ago has made me realize there is no time like the present. The time is now for this long dreamed adventure.  This trip is a personal challenge; a vision quest, you might say. Recent trying times have caused me to take pause and attempt to find meaning in these profound life changes.  This trip will help me re-discover my strength and find the courage to go deeper in my own growth to find the sacred in my loss.  This trip is about connection.  I look forward to bridging the gap between cultures and people with the one common bond familiar to us all.  Food.  There is always a story tied to food.  I want to tell these stories.

I created this as a way “share the ride”.  Not everyone can jump in the car to join me.  By blogging about my journey you will be a partner in my travels.  However, you can take part! Make comments on my facebook, twitter and blog posts!  I want to interact with familar people as I adventure into the unfamiliar.   I am humbly asking my community for support-if you are moved by stories I’ve shared here or if you know someone who could benefit from my recipes, please share this post and my blog information.  If what I am doing has inspired you in any way, please consider a “pay it forward” contribution to my trip expenses on this GoFundMe campaign.
In return, I will do my best to provide detailed information on local eating establishments and grocers who offer special diet foods!  I’ll gladly share food traditions along with their cultural similaries and differences.  There is always a story tied to food.
Thank you to those special people in my life who love me and offer me unconditional encouragement and support in starting this page to help me fufill my dream.
I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free/Dairy Free Across America-GoFundMe

    • Aww….Thank you SO much! I am humbled by the support I am receiving. I really appreciate your re-blog of my post! This is amazing! You have been a wonderful and amazing spirit in my blogging journey! YOU are amazing, DetoxMama!


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    Please check out this amazing blog, look out for the upcoming stories on her incredible travels, & chip in a buck or two if you are so inclined.


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