Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Castlelough Woods, County Tipperary, Ireland

Castlelough Woods, County Tipperary,

The Daily Posts weekly photo challenge theme for this week is Street Life.  The roads of Castlelough Woods wind through some of the most stunning and gorgeous country sides I have witnessed thus far in my life.  I traveled these roads daily during my stay in Ireland.  Our cottage was located in Castlelough Woods, County Tipperary.

The daily drives down one lane narrow roads was often harrowing with road side shrubs growing several feet high, making visibility virtually impossible.


Always be prepared for an oncoming driver!


Just around the bend…..there may be a car!!

The posted speed on these roads was 80 km, which translates to 50 mph for this American driver!  Driving with the steering wheel on the right  made this experience all the more adventurous.


Yes, people really do go this speed! Scary!

Walking these roads is an entirely different experience.  The silence is astounding and the crunch of the gravel beneath my feet was deafening.   I never tired of these walks and the glorious, breathtaking views.   Saying hello to the herds of happy cows walking up to the roads to greet us gave me happiness each and every time.

My trip to Ireland was an incredible experience.   I witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring views of majestic green countrysides and magnificent, succulent forest rivaling my own lovely state of Oregon.   I felt remarkably at home with the familiar sense that I had been there before.   From the brilliant Ireland hillsides to the inviting, friendly native people who easily share their home land stories;  my Ireland trip has definitely been the most amazing travel experience to date.


Good Morning, beautiful cows! Such stunning, brilliant green hillsides!


Ancient castles walls and towers, like this one are left behind from as early as the 1400’s. Property owners retain history be incorporating these into their landscapes.


An awe-inspiring Irish sunset. This is my favorite photo. It captures Ireland tranquility and beauty perfectly.

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