Snowbound Gourmet-Sweetie Style

Days upon days of snow and ice are keeping many Portland residents inside.  We haven’t been able to make it to the grocery store.  Already low on groceries even before this storm started, we are digging in the depths of our cupboards to come up with meals each day.

It is not too often I see my sweetie in the kitchen rummaging around to assemble ingredients for a meal.  Not being as passionate about the process as I, nor the end result; tossing things together with a “Who knows!  It might taste good!” attitude is something I both envy and loathe.  I am way too precise, so concerned with correct flavor combinations, obsessed about how it will look as well as how it will taste.  My perfectionism can be my nemesis.

 We are very different in our cooking expertise.  I certainly struggle with adopting the “Why not, right?” attitude my sweetie has about ingredients that I often find rather questionable together.  Complex is my style.  Guess and go cooking simple style is for my sweetie.  Opening a few cans, lopping off parts off an onion with nary a thought to the precision of dicing, no measuring of anything and wondrously a meal is created.  The end result is rarely disappointing.

Simple can be good.  Real good.  That is what the cook says of this lovely creation.  Sadly, there are ingredients here I cannot eat, and those biscuits; total gluten.  By the way, complete guesswork here as well and look at those beauties!

This is what transpired in our kitchen. No recipe is needed. Plain and simple. Sweetie style.


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