There’s Snow here in Stumptown

This is the day I’ve been longing to enjoy. For weeks I’ve been begging and pleading with Mother Nature to blow some white stuff this way. I don’t mean some pretty flakes floating down only to have no evidence of snow hours later. I want a good Portland kind of snow dump. I want the kind of snow that snarls up the city and shuts it down. We are not well equipped here in Stumptown for the amount of snow we are seeing today. It is the type of day that allows for the city to call a snow day and I am fortunate enough to have the flexibility in my job to let me have my snow day.

I found myself feeling a little giddy as I prepared my afternoon of leisurely activities. I love this kind of snow because it is one of the only times that I allow myself to really just do nothing. Snow is my permission and my excuse. It’s the perfect “storm”.

Considering my recent yearning to remain in my pajamas and under the covers all day, today is the perfect opportunity to indulge in this desire.

I miss my kids the most as young ones when there is a lot of snow here. I have such fond memories of homemade hot cocoa simmering on the stove top waiting for us to delight in while we chilled our cheeks and fingers making snowmen and snow angels. We played, drank hot cocoa and watched movies. It was a time of relaxed togetherness that I completely enjoyed.

I got a spontaneous desire to recreate some of those memories by making hot cocoa, picking out a good flick and getting cozy in my pajamas. I am going to enjoy this snow day!  Having been living vicariously through my daughter who now lives in Boston, I’ve been a tad envious of her stormy snow stories. Stumptown is trying to compete with her new home state today. However, Boston doesn’t shut down like Portland does. She must keep the pace and I get to just sit back, look out the window in wonder and sip on some hot cocoa.

Here is my recipe for what turned out to be more of a sipping chocolate than hot cocoa. It is smooth, chocolaty rich and only lightly sweet.

I’ve got my snow day pajamas on; lovingly made by my mom. I’ve got my chosen movie. I am cozy on my couch cuddled up with my sweet Boy kitty and I will enjoy every moment of this snow day. Here in Stumptown we don’t see many of these days and it is sure not to last.

I suggest giving yourself permission as well; permission to indulge in some rich chocolate goodness and relish time in your pajamas. Enjoy the peace of our lovely snowy day. It really is so beautiful.

Sipping chocolate:

6 ounces of light coconut milk

6 ounces of almond milk

2 ounces of organic 72% cocoa bar, broken into small pieces

1 1/2 teaspoons of agave syrup

1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and warm on medium low heat until chocolate is melted completely and all ingredients are completely combined. When heated to a good sipping temperature (around 145 degrees), remove from stove, pour some into your favorite mug and enjoy.


3 Tablespoons of coconut milk

1/8 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

Blend in a bullet or some other similar device, drizzle over hot cocoa and finish off with a sprinkling of toasted coconut flakes.

sipping cocoa in honor of my daughter

sipping cocoa


the back deck


Boy & my snow day pj’s

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