Sickie Soup

My dad has been sick for a few days. It’s that yucky flu kind of feeling with an added dose of congestion that so many people are complaining about recently. When my dad gets sick, the man is down. He get really sick. My first thoughts went to gathering ingredients to make a hearty crock of chicken soup.

Chicken soup is medicine in a bowl. There is something so healing in this magic elixir that as you sip on it you can feel it’s nutritive powers working to cure your symptoms and create comfort with each swallow of the warm golden broth.

Chicken soup just feels good. I brought a little of this goodness to my dad yesterday. As he glugged it down, I could tell that steamy liquid was hitting the spot.  He finished it off with a tip of the bowl to his mouth, cleared his nose and immediately reclined himself in his chair for a nap. Seems the “medicine” was working!


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